Cypress guitar

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The cypress guitars use Spanish wood on both backs and sides that have been drying out for more than 25 years, showing nice homogenous patterns. We use wood that we cut ourselves and store for several years to achieve the level of dryness and resin crystallization fundamental for the construction of a quality guitar. The final look and structure of the wood is the primary factor in the construction.

This guitar was inspired by the model popularized by famous guitar maker Miguel Rodríguez Beneyto in the 1960s and 70s. His guitars have a wide range of harmonics which make them balanced and with beautiful sound. These precise characteristics are what we try to reproduce as accurately as possible. The model unites powerful but not strident basses and remarkable first three strings that really stand out.

The selection of the top wood depends on the personal taste of a guitarist. You may choose between German spruce and western red cedar from Canada. The characteristics of pulsation match the preferences of most of the flamenco guitarists, it is very comfortable to play the instrument.



Red cedar from Canada

German spruce

Back and sides

Spanish cedar

String length

Short: 650 mm

Long: 667 mm


Nitrocellulose lacquer