East Indian Rosewood Guitar

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This model features sides, back, bridge, headstock and binding made of first rate east indian rosewood, more than 20 years old. Traditionally, this type of wood was used for classical guitars, however, for years it has also been used for flamenco guitars with some indispensable technical modifications.

The guitars from this type of wood are neatly made thinner to reach the accuracy of tenth of millimetres. This way we reach the richness of harmonics and reduce the total weight of the instrument. The characteristics of pulsation may vary for flamenco and classical guitars, nevertheless, since we use the same measurements for flamenco guitars as for the cypress ones, the guitarist will not find any difference.

For the top wood you can choose between German spruce and Canadian red cedar. The result is an instrument with the typical characteristics of timbre, appreciated by guitar constructors. Red cedar wood is on the CITES list, that is why each of these guitars goes together with a certificate.



Red cedar from Canada

German spruce

Back and sides

East indian rosewood

String length

Short: 650 mm

Long: 667 mm


Nitrocellulose lacquer